SATAS ISO 4427 accredited, SABS ISO9001 accredited and member of the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA).  PipeFlo is a manufacturer of quality plastic pipes (also known as PE pipe/polyethylene pipe). 

PipeFlo has an integrated quality management system in place supported by a well-equipped laboratory and trained personnel. Each production shift has a full time quality controller and each and every pipe is checked for appearance, ovality, wall thickness and weight.

For each batch of material received the material is tested against the supplier’s COA’s (Certificate of Analysis). Pipes are subjected to pressure-, tensile strength-, elongation-, temperature reversion-, oxidation induction time- and melt flow index testing. Each pipe can be traced back to date, shift manufactured and which supplier’s material was used. Certificates of conformance based on these results are available.

Quality is PipeFlo’s cornerstone and non-negotiable.


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