Design and installation methods rely on the appropriate choice of HDPE Pipe Connections and Fittings. A properly made, jointed and maintained pipe will lead to maximum pipeline operations.

There are a multitude of methods to connect/join pipes:

Requiring no welding:
Compression Fittings  Connects pipes, can be loosened if pipes needs to be moved at later stage. Usually sizes from 25 mm - 110 mm Outside Diameter. Variety of compression fittings, such as elbows, couplers and end caps
Insert Fittings Used for inside diameter non-Accredited HDPE and LDPE pipes. Size ranges from 15 mm - 80 mm Inside Diameter. Variety of fittings such as elbows, couplers and end caps.

Requiring welding: 
Moulded fittings
Fabricated fittings  Fittings fabricated such as elbows and t-pieces. Can be used with butt welding only or with stubs + flanges + butt welding.
Electro Fusion Welding Electro Fusion Welding (fusion welded) is where two pipe-ends are fitted and melted into an electro-socket fitting. A heating coil integrated into the electro-socket melts the material surrounding the coils and becomes part of the pipes inserted into the ends of the socket. The weld is as strong as the original pipe - creating a single piece piping solution - ideal for high-pressure applications.  
Butt Welded Stubs and Flanges (Backing Rings)          Flanges are slipped onto the pipe with stubs butt welded onto the pipe to keep flanges in place. Usually used in conjunction with sealing gaskets, bolts and nuts. A benefit of this technique is that it is possible to move the pipes at later stage as flanges can be bolted loose if required.
Butt Welding HDPE pipes can be flange-jointed with stubs, flanges and backing rings by using HDPE stub and flange ends in conjunction with metal backing plates and a sealing gaskets. The benefit of this technique is that it is possible to move the pipes at later stage if stubs and flanges are used. Pipes are usually welded together using stubs, and flanges, which PipeFlo can supply.

It is important to remember that the choice of joint for installation in any pipe system depends upon requirements in terms of internal/external pressure, leak tightness demands, longitudinal movement restraint, construction and installation requirements as well as application.

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