SATAS HDPE Pipes (SANS4427:2 2008)

PipeFlo gained SANS4427:2 2008 in October 2010, currently accredited by SATAS. Since then PipeFlo has supplied a multitude of quality pipes to other manufacturers, traders and the public.                                     

Main Benefits of HDPE pipes  Main HDPE pipe applications 
 Resistant to abrasion, chemicals and corrosion  Mining
 High impact strength  Water supply
 Non toxic and safe for drinking water   Drainage
 Low installation costs  Irrigation
 Low friction loss  Sleeves for telecommunication industry
 Flexible and handles easily  Gas/fuel supply

SANS4427:2 pipes are manufactured from PE 100 material with an minimum required strength (MRS) of 10.00 mPa. All raw-material are tested upon receipt against their certificate of analysis as supplied by the raw material manufacturer. Once material has been approved material is ready for manufacture. During manufacture all pipes are inspected by both the operators as well as quality controllers. Completed pipes are then again tested against SANS4427:2 specifications in our in-house laboratory. This includes Melt Flow Index (MFI), Oxidation Induction Time (OIT), hot and cold water pressure tests, tensile and reversion tests. All pipes can be traced back to date, time and raw material from which it is manufactured. We have an uncompromising focus on quality.       

PipeFlo manufactures SANS 4427:2 pipes from 20 mm up to 450 mm Outside Diameter. HDPE pipes can be manufactured in various pipe lengths and sizes. 110 mm Outside Diameter pipes and pipes smaller than 110 mm are usually supplied coiled in coils of 50/100 m depending on SANS specifications. PipeFlo supplies the 125 mm - 450 mm pipes in straight lengths of 6/9/12m.                                        




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